WE asked the people of Barry what’s the best thing to do in the town in winter and we were inundated with comments, both the good, the bad and the parking…

People gave a whole range of answers from celebrating the beautiful walks in the area to bemoaning the lack of stuff to do in the town.

His some of the best opinions, organised into the good comments, the bad comments, and the parking comments…

Barry And District News:

Gail Christmas: Go to The Knapp. It's beautiful just sitting in the car watching the sea. Lots of walks too if you feel inclined. Lovely too if you want great coffee, ice cream or fish and chips.

Val Wilton: Lots to do, long walks, take the kids on a nature ramble down Porthkerry, meet up with friends for coffee. Enjoy your town and seaside.

Samantha Smith: We come all way from Andover in Hampshire to stay at Barry Island Premier Inn. Love it, always welcoming. And have a hot choc in Bay 5 with my special friend Jane who runs it.

Barry And District News:

(Is there stuff to do in Barry in winter?)

Gareth Battams: Plenty of walks around Barry Island to build up an appetite. Try the walk to Jackson’s Bay, free Tai Chi under the umbrella shelter near the climbing wall on Sundays, coffee and or breakfast in Whitmore and Jackson, or various other cafes.

Emma Louise Tutssel: I drive to Barry at least three times a month in the winter, my boys love a scoot from one end to the other, little kick about in the 'light up tunnel' when it's dark. Chippys in the car facing the sea before driving home. Bliss!

Helen Overton: Just walking without the tourism crowds is amazing. Doesn't matter where, we're spoilt for choice, Porthkerry, Jacksons, Whitmore, Cold Knap, Watchtower Bay, Old Harbour, Millwood.

Barry And District News:

(The famous Barry Island, full of fun in winter?)

Barry And District News:

(People cared, with the question garnering over 500 comments)

Ceri Wilkes: Take dogs to the beach and have a coffee and snack in one of the fab cafes on the island xx

Jan Marriott: I love Barry Island. Park up at Cold Knapp and walk to Barry Island. Have fish and chips at the front or eat in the restaurant at Cold Knapp.

Vicky Rees: Walking our beautiful coastline and just watching people enjoying doing the same. No matter where I've been on my travels, nothing beats what we have right on our doorstep and I never take that for granted.

Barry And District News:

Tracey Adams: NOTHING. Nowhere to go especially indoors no family entertainment. The people of Barry have been shouting for some sort of indoor family entertainment centre for years, but no, all the council is interested in is building houses and getting revenue they couldn't care less about the people of Barry. They did something like that they'd get people coming from all over the Vale. Not everyone has a car or afford to go into Cardiff by public transport for indoor entertainment.

Sean Doel: In all honesty, there isn't an awful lot to do in Barry, out of season. I know we have the beach and coastal paths etc, but there are only so many times you can walk them before it becomes tedious.

Emma Lofthouse: There is nothing to do in Barry in the winter. Barry council should be ashamed.

Brandon Gulwell: If you are a young child in winter, stay in as there is nothing in Barry for them to do, no cinema, a swimming pool so out of date it's not fit for purpose, no youth clubs, no bowling alleys, nothing except wander the streets.

Barry And District News:

(Barry High Street. Some people want more to do)

Samantha Warner: It would be nice to have an indoor place to do lots of different crafts for the kids. Something indoors other than soft play.

Vivian Watkins: Same as you do in the summer, go to the pub!

Barry And District News:

Stephen Dyne: Why can’t the council suspend the parking restriction from October 1st to March 31st. Mostly locals just enjoying what we already pay for. Barry council penalising again. They ban dogs in the summer so it (must be) easy to suspend parking fees, and locals can again enjoy our coastline. It is local Barry people who pay for the mass clean-up crew required through the summer, who do a brilliant job. And again nothing during the quiet season. The local businesses would benefit too.

Barry And District News:

(Parking is a bug bear for many, with a call to reduce charges in winter)

Susan Jones: Walk over our beautiful beeches and have a coffee sit and relax with your dogs, because you can't do this if you have a car because of the stupid two hour parking rules, for God's sake just change it to 3 hours, how hard can it be!?

Sue Sims: So difficult to find a disabled parking space on the front that we have driven through and go to the Knap, so not spending anything in the shops. There should be a time limit of a few hours on disabled parking to give everyone a chance.

Clare Dickinson: Will tell you what's not the best thing to do- pay £6 to park in the carpark! Why there isn't a lower winter charge I don't know, it's a total rip off!!

What do you like to do in Barry in winter? Is there a lot to do in town? Do you get bored in Barry? Let us know all your opinions!