AN up-coming band from Barry have seen all their hard work pay off, with their debut EP coming out next month.

After months of gigging all around South Wales, recording, writing and building their fanbase, The 8:48 have announced Now in a Minute, which is set to release on February 25.

The 8:48 has proven they mean business, releasing their first two singles last year and now they are going for the next level with this collection of new songs.

Dylan Hooper, the band’s bassist, pianist and producer, talked about the process of creating the project.

“It’s essentially two years of work starting from the initial writing process all the way to the final mixing adjustments,” said Dylan.

“I’m proud of us for how far we’ve come and, on a personal note, I’m pretty proud of myself to have produced an EP.”

Drummer Dylan Clarke, who recently made the last 40 contestants in the Young Drummer of the Year competition, said making the EP was even more hard work than he expected.

“It’s taken hours and hours of recording, but I’ve really enjoyed making this EP,” said Dylan.

“As much work as it took, it’s a very rewarding process to be able to hear a finished, radio ready collection of songs at the end of it.”

Barry And District News:

(Band members Dylan H and Kyle wrote the single together)

Barry And District News:

(The new EP Now in a Minute)

The rock band consists of Kyle Bellamy, Dylan Hooper, Harrison Ollier and Dylan Clarke, ageing from just 14 to 18.

Now in a Minute comes off the back of the band having a successful streak of gigging, playing in Cardiff, Swansea, all around the Vale and Cwmaman.

The most notable performance came at the start of December when the four boys performed a set in St David’s Hall as part of the annual Christmas Showcase with Cardiff County and Vale of Glamorgan Music Service.

Frontman Kyle said playing in St David’s Hall was unreal.

“The sound of songs that I wrote in my back garden filling the venue was something else,” said Kyle. “Never in a million years did I think anyone apart from us four and a few others would hear them.”

Now in a Minute will be released on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more.

Information on the project, the band and their upcoming gigs can be found across their social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as their website at