A PIONEERING doctor has been honoured for his dedicated service to patients who have Parkinson’s in South Wales.

Dr Biju Mohamed, a consultant geriatrician at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, was the first ever Parkinson’s UK Excellence Network Regional Lead for South Wales.

During his tenure, Dr Mohamed also developed a web app, and an accompanying website, myparkinsonsuk.org.uk, with the help of Parkinson’s UK Cymru, which is full of information and advice for people who have the condition. 

He was presented with a special plaque as he steps down from the role after eight years. 

Dr Mohamed, 47, said he enjoyed his time in South Wales and thanked his colleagues for their support. 

“Its been my privilege to work with Parkinson's UK for many years to spread best practice between health professionals and positively impact lives of people with Parkinson's," said Dr Mohamed.

"The novel concept of the Excellence Network has made strides in bringing together clinicians and people with Parkinson's and their loved ones. 

“I am encouraged by the new format and with enhanced support, I am certain we can make a huge difference to people with Parkinson's."

On the condition, Dr Mohamed added: “The key thing is that every person with Parkinson’s is different. Having met thousands of patients with Parkinson’s over the last 20 years, no two patients have the same problems and no two solutions work the same for every patient. 

“The more and more I learn about Parkinson’s the more and more I learn to listen to the person with Parkinson’s and tailor the care towards them.”

On behalf of the Excellence Network, Callum Hughes, service improvement adviser at Parkinson’s UK Cymru, thanked "Biju" for his hard work.

“His contributions over the years have been invaluable and we appreciate all his efforts a great deal," said Mr Hughes.

"Biju and his team will continue to support people with Parkinson's and their families in his role with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and we look forward to working closely with him to drive improvements."