HE saw there was a problem, and said ‘ok lets do something about it’.

That’s the amazing attitude of a 9-year-old kid who put together 55 stone’s worth of food for a Barry foodbank.

Twice a year, in July and November, James Finlayson-Clements, of Wenvoe Primary School, gets everyone he knows to donate to the Vale Food Bank – this year he smashed a new record in how much he gives, donating over £1,000 worth of food.

Why does James do it? One day, he was suddenly made to think about what it is like for people who cannot afford all the food he gets to eat.

“One day James came home from school and he can easily open up a fridge and tip the entire contents into his belly,” said mum Lisa.

“We then said imagine if you came home and mum and dad had no money and could not get any food, and this made him think about people who could not afford food.”

James now gets the Wenvoe community, Gwenfo Primary school, his football team Dinas Powys, his rugby team Penarth Bears, friends, family and even responses abroad to make donations to his cause.

James said he does it because he wants to.

“I just want people to have loads of food that they do not have,” said James. “Anyone could do it. I’m just really happy I am giving food to people who do not have it.”

Barry And District News:

(This year James Finlayson-Clements made a donation of 55 stone worth of food to Vale Food Bank)

James’ kindness is generated largely from himself but he comes from an environment where he sees a lot of support given. Mum Lisa works for the NHS in children’s mental health and his dad works for the DWP.

Lisa says despite this, she is always amazed at how thoughtful her son is.

“I think I could cry,” said Lisa when asked how her son’s hard work makes her feel.

“My husband and I couldn’t be prouder. This all comes from him. Every year as soon as we come to November, he goes ‘it’s time’.