WE ARE giving local charities the chance to take a share of an amazing £128,000 cash giveaway.

Our parent company’s charitable arm, The Gannett Foundation, is providing £128,000 in cash to support local charities across the UK and we are delighted to have a £16,000 share to give away in Wales, with 10 charities shortlisted to share that £16,000.

This includes Vale Baby Basics - a branch of Baby Basics - which launched in Barry in 2016 and helps vulnerable families with newborns across the Vale.

Although Baby Basics has centres all over the UK each one if self-managed and self-funded; the volunteers at Vale Baby Basics are a small team operating in a small space.

“Our aim is to help the most vulnerable in the community,” said centre manager Pauline Byrne.

“People are struggling more with the cost-of-living crisis, and we are getting busier.”

Vale Baby Basics go through agencies, rather than self-referrals, including Flying Start, midwives, health visitors, and more.

“Agencies will refer to us and say what they need,” continued Ms Byrne.

“They can identify the need and know what we do and the quality – our main remit is Moses’ baskets filled with what the families will need.

“I love the people of Barry and the Vale.

"They’re so generous and want to help, knowing that their donations will go to the families in need.

“This includes those living in hostels, refugees, women who have fled domestic violence - some of these mum’s has this stuff but had to leave it behind.”

The charity relies on donations and fundraisers; they have limited storage so ask that people wishing to donate contact them first to see what is needed.

A portion of the £16,000 would help Vale Baby Basics to put on fundraisers – helping cover costs such as items which are donated less (e.g. nappies and pads) and a bigger facility – and to stay sustainable.

How can you help?

You are invited to collect tokens from our newspapers which can then be sent to collection points across our region or posted. 

Each token collected will then be used to allocate cash to the nominated charity – so if your favourite charity collects 50 per cent of all to tokens collected, it will receive 50 per cent of the £16,000.

Collection points can be found at:

  • Asda – Barry;
  • Morrison’s – Waterfront, Barry;
  • RESTORE Furniture Bank, Thompson Street, Barry.