BARRY'S Flying Vet' Maurice Kirk has been deported from the States following his spell in an American psychiatric unit.

The 63-year-old former vet was last week detained after landing his plane near George W Bush's Texas ranch in Crawford at the time of thunderstorms in the area.

But the latest reports from his 48-year-old wife Kirstie, who runs the Barry Animal Health Centre in Tynewydd Road, say following his release and reunion with his aircraft, the father-of-four was picked up by the police again while he was sitting outside a restaurant.

Kirstie said: "Police stated that he had been seen walking around town aimlessly with a gas can.

"Maurice believes that the Secret Service traced him by his credit card usage, and a public intoxication charge was used to hold him.

"Three agents told Maurice he landed on a road near Crawford, and this is the reason for his deportation."

The aviator's actions, they said, indicated that on admission to the country he had engaged in a criminal activity endangering public safety or national security.

Kirstie added: "He was given the opportunity to be driven to the airport for a flight to London, and he would not be deported.

"But he did not want charges on his record for offences he did not commit.

"When he refused, they shackled him and took him to the Deportation Center in Houston."

Mr Kirk was expected to touch down in the Vale before continuing his solo flight around the world in South America.