AN UP-AND-COMING band has released a new single – which has proven popular when performed live on stage.

The 8:48 – a band consisting of four teenage musicians living in Barry – has released new single She, which has gotten crowds pumped at previous gigs.

Singer Kyle Bellamy, 17, said: “It always gets a great reaction from audiences.

“It's a really catchy riff, so it’s easy to sing and clap along with – sometimes they even get up and dance.

“After a gig when we’re packing away the gear, I often hear people in the audience still singing the song to themselves!

“It’s probably one of the most popular songs we play – I just can’t wait for more people to hear it.”

Bassist and producer of the song, Dylan Hooper, 18, said: “It’s a real summer song.

“Whenever I hear the acoustic guitar riff with the drums and percussion underneath, it just immediately makes me think of hot days at Barry Island beach.

“There is actually a recording from the beach that I used in the song.”

The 8:48 has been making waves in Barry’s music scene since their debut gig to 200 fans at Whitmore High School in aid of refugees from Ukraine.

The band is made up of Kyle and Dylan, plus Dylan Clarke on drums and Harrison Ollier on guitars – both just 14.

Dylan Clarke said: “I’m really excited about this song; I think it’s definitely my favourite that we’ve put out so far.

“It is a very different feel to our first single though, so we’d love to hear what people think of it.”

Harrison added: “It was so much fun to make this song.

"In the big chorus at the end, you can hear us laughing and having fun because we really did!

“I’m not really into acoustic sort of pop songs to be honest, but this one has really grown on me the more we’ve played it.

“I think it’s brilliant and I hope people love it.”

She is their second single, following Off to the Sky, which was featured on Bro Radio. You can read about Off to the Sky here.