A BOOK outlining paranormal encounters in South Wales includes chilling tales based in Barry.

Haunted South Wales is written by brothers Jonathan and Mark Lambert, who met with people who had encountered paranormal experiences – sharing their first-hand accounts for the collection of the stories.

The book includes 15 stories from South Wales which have been gathered over two decades.

One of the stories offers insight into a “prolonged haunting” on Davies Street, which caused debate among residents with one occupant referring to “the thing under the stairs”.

Another, focused on an address on Barry’s High Street, includes sounds and apparitions with one incident particularly standing out – with parallelism drawn to similar reports of the supernatural further afield.

These are just a few examples of the paranormal phenomena referenced in the book which includes:

  • Discarnate sounds;
  • The feeling of a sense of presence;
  • Sightings of apparitions.

“Mark and I have both had a lifelong interest in the subject of the paranormal,” said Jonathan Lambert.

Barry And District News: Archaeologist Jonathan Lambert

Jonathan Lambert

“It was always our intention, once sufficient material has been gathered, to write a book which would contribute to this fascinating – but much misunderstood – field of study.”

The pair are both members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) which was founded in 1882 and was the first organisation to conduct scholarly research into human experiences which challenge contemporary scientific models.

They have spent nearly a decade carrying out their own investigations and none of the stories included in Haunted South Wales have been published anywhere else.

“Criteria for inclusion in Haunted South Wales was that accounts had to be first hand,” added Mr Lambert.

“The authors are critical in their examination of the evidence and rationally evaluate the material presented.”

Barry And District News: Barry High Street in the 19th century

Barry High Street in the 19th century

Stories included in the book – which was independently published - had to have some substance, rather than be based on gut feeling, and had to conform – in some degree – to known and documented cases of genuine paranormal encounters.

Haunted South Wales is available from Homemade Wales (Barry), Griffin Books (Penarth), Nickleby’s Bookstore (Llantwit Major), eBay, Amazon, or directly from the authors.