A WOMAN who used to feel to insecure to go swimming has a new lease on life – thanks to Slimming World.

When Kath Thorne-Thomas joined a Slimming World group in Barry, 14 years ago, she had no idea how far her weight loss journey would take her.

“I’d been an overweight teenager and in adulthood I kept gaining weight,” said the 50-year-old.

“I was shy and lacked confidence.

"Younger me would have never dreamed of going to the pool; everyone could see me, and I couldn’t hide.”

But Slimming World changed everything.

She lost 5.5 stone which helped her gain confidence and make healthier life choices - including implementing a better diet and doing more exercise, including swimming.

Barry And District News:

Ms Thorne-Thomas, who is a piano teacher, also believes her weight loss was a factor in helping ease the symptoms of her asthma.

When a friend initially recommended Slimming World, Ms Thorne-Thomas was reluctant to join.

“I thought it would be awful,” she admitted. 

“But it was lovely. When you’ve been big you understand the problems associated with it; for some it's a hard idea to grasp.

“You know they understand and – it sounds cliché – but you’re all on the same journey."

For Ms Thorne-Thomas that journey was packed with smiles, laughter, and hugs (both literal and metaphorical).

Although she's gained and lost pounds here and there she has never gone back to her previous weight and feels happier and healthier in herself.

“Losing the weight gave me a whole new life,” said the Slimming World star.

"I was like many people who'd tried a million and one ways [to lose weight] but I tried Slimming World and it just clicked.

"I 100 per cent believe Slimming World is a healthy way to lose weight.

"It just becomes a normal way of eating and the group support is a real treat."

She believes so much in Slimming World that she has even become a consultant, relaunching a group in Penarth.

“I was enthusiastic as a member, I’m almost Evangelical as a consultant,”

she joked.

“The training and investment Slimming World has for its consultants is phenomenal – I feel fantastic and well supported.

“I genuinely believe that Slimming World changes people’s lives.”

Slimming World with Kath is hosted at Penarth Athletic Club on Wednesdays, with sessions at: 

  • 3.30pm;
  • 5.30pm;
  • 7pm.

To find out more about Slimming World visit www.slimmingworld.co.uk