A BARRY murder case is to feature in a new book about true crime.

Murder By The Sea is the companion book to the popular true crime series aired on CBS Reality which looks at murder cases across the UK.

The book is set to be released on July 7 by Mardle Books and covers 10 cases from the show - including additional material and insights that were not aired during the episodes.

The case from Barry that is covered in the book is that of Robert Mochrie, a civil servant who killed his entire family – wife Catherine and children Bethan, Luke, Sian and James - before killing himself in July 2000.

The family hadn’t been seen for 11 days before they were found after friends raised the alarm. Police officers gained entry into the house in Rutland Avenue through an upstairs window and were greeted by a ‘horrific scene’ where Mrs Mochrie and the four children had been the victims of a violent attack.


Police officers involved were later offered counselling due to the nature of their experience.

Murder By The Sea was written by documentary filmmaker David Howard who created and directsedthe TV series of the same name, and Robin Jarossi, a freelance journalist and author of The Hunt for the 60’s Ripper. He is an on-air contributor for true crime documentaries on CBS Reality and the BBC, including Murder By The Sea.

The new series of Murder By The Sea will be aired on September 7, with another to follow in January 2023.