A BARRY care home has created its very own pop-up library which it hopes will not only benefit readers in the community, but also local wildlife.

Kington House, which is part of Accomplish Group, supports up to 11 people with mental health needs, learning disabilities and acquired brain injury.

The home says it is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and with lots of books on its shelves which people had already read, it was keen to make sure they did not go to waste – or to landfill.

The people who live at the home and the staff who support them decided to create a pop-up community library where books could be swapped with neighbours and set about building a bespoke “hub”.

Using reclaimed wood, the team developed the glass-fronted library and decided to make it even more friendly for the environment by including a bird house and feeding station in the rear.

Manager at the home Lisa Bourne said: “We’ve been thrilled by how successful the initiative has been. The pop-up library isn’t just a great way of recycling books and making sure they can be enjoyed again and again, it’s also a fantastic service for the neighbourhood and a lovely way to be part of the community.

“The birdhouse was an inspired added extra and as well as our human visitors, the library has also had its fair share of feathered guests too! We’re delighted with how much everyone seems to be enjoying it and the people we support have been really enjoying keeping it restocked and seeing the books our neighbours have been leaving in return.”