QUESTIONS are still unanswered around why water supply to a number of Barry residents was cut off last week.

Residents in St Athan were unable to access water – which is used for drinking, washing, food preparation and to hydrate pets – on Thursday, May 12, and were unable to contact private water company Ancala, which provides the supply through MOD St Athan.

It left residents with two days without any water before Ancala contacted residents on Saturday, May 14 to say they had carried out tests and the water was now drinkable.

MS Jane Hutt has said that it is unacceptable that the residents were told why the supply was cut off.


Ms Hutt said: “The loss of drinking water affecting washing, food preparation and pets was a terrible shock for St Athan residents and the difficulty in getting any response to calls for an explanation and reassurance was unacceptable.

“Residents have a right to know what caused this water health scare. What was found in the water to cause this cut off of supplies?

“I am raising this with the Ancala Water Company which is based in South Yorkshire, MOD St Athan and working with Vale councillor Julie Lynch-Wilson to get answers to these questions.

“It is vital that we move forward with the provision of water supplies for the area withy Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water our ‘not for profit’ Wales based company who stepped in to offer support last week.”