A PLUS size TikTok star from Barry is celebrating hitting 100,000 followers.

25-year-old Charly Anne, from Barry, started using TikTok in the first national lockdown – encouraging body positivity through her content.

In January we reported on her approaching 70,000 followers with the star now celebrating hitting 100,000 followers on TikTok.

“I cannot believe it,” said Ms Anne.

“It happened so quickly – I did an all-inclusive holiday edition while I was in Spain, including ‘what I eat in a day’ and ‘spend a day with me’ and my followers loved it.

“I hit 100,000 followers while on holiday and was celebrating – the waitress asked the occasion and brought over a bottle of champagne. It was so much fun.

“When I came home my friends said they felt like they went with me.”

Barry And District News:

She added that she didn’t expect to gain such a following when she first started using TikTok in 2020.

“I would post more and get people following me, which gave me the confidence to create more,” said Ms Anne.

“It’s so much fun creating content and it’s amazing to have job that I love doing.”

What started as a hobby became her full-time job, with her encouraging other people to be confident in themselves.

She believes that she would have benefitted from seeing more plus size men and women when she was younger.

“Fashion has no weight limit, so be yourself,”

said Ms Anne.

“My favourite thing is when people message saying I’ve given them confidence and taught them to love themselves.

“Some people message saying they’d only wear black clothes but have broadened their wardrobes after seeing my videos – it’s always nice to add some colour.”

Barry And District News:

She added that her ‘what I eat in a day’ videos aim to encourage the idea that people can eat what they want and don’t have to explain themselves to others.

Ms Anne is now working towards hitting 150,000 followers – she plans to celebrate the milestone with a Shrek themed party.