LABOUR made huge gains in the Vale of Glamorgan council election - but failed to win an overall majority.

The result was not good news for the Conservatives, who lost a lot of ground to Labour, similar to many other councils around the UK.

Labour won 25 seats, the Conservatives 13, Plaid Cymru eight, Llantwit First Independents four and other independents won four.

The count went on for a long time but eventually finished after recounts for Rhoose earlier in the day and Dinas Powys late at night.

Labour councillor and deputy leader Lis Burnett, who was re-elected in Stanwell, said: "I'm absolutely thrilled (at the results).

"It means that we can look to deliver our ambitious manifesto.

"It's absolutely phenomenal that we can look to deliver that to the people."

It remains to be seen who will be the new leader of the council, after Neil Moore, the previous leader, did not put himself forward for reelection.

The Labour group will meet at a later date to decide who will be leader.

Llantwit First Independents won all four seats in Llantwit Major with leader Gwyn John receiving the most votes for any individual.

Leader of the Conservatives George Carroll, who won his seat, but it was not a positive night for the Tories.

Plaid Cymru made some impressive gains, with eight new councillors compared to four last time out in 2017.

Voter turnout was 42.89 per cent.