AN EXHIBITION to strengthen the role of Gypsies, Roma, and Travellers (GRT) on the arts scene has launched.

The exhibition, based at Barry’s Art Central Gallery, is part of the Gypsy Maker project – it is the fifth exhibition in the series promoting GRT artists.

It includes work by:

  • Photographer and sculptor Corrina Eastwood;
  • Sculptor Imogen Bright Moon;
  • Professional dancer and choreographer Rosamaria Cisneros.

The exhibition aims to build upon previously showcased work and shed more light onto the artistic heritage of the GRT community. 

Ms Cisneros said: “Creating this intergenerational piece that explored climate justice and GRT traditions was a very emotional process and equally beautiful.

“Such exhibitions are important as they highlight the great art that is being produced by community members and celebrates our rich culture and history.  

“Making these professional artists visible highlights the role models and also serves as a counternarrative to the erroneous images and stereotypes that often exist.”

Barry And District News: Artwork by Rosamaria CisnerosArtwork by Rosamaria Cisneros

The exhibition has been organised by the Romani Cultural and Arts Company (RCAC) with funding from the Arts Council of Wales. 

Ms Bright Moon said: “It’s been a real deep-dive into my family history, collecting stories and archive research, and finding out my relatives were painted by Princess Victoria in 1836.

“It’s a privilege to represent my Romani heritage and contribute to the wider conversation through art.”

Her main work is called Black Tent/Black Sarah. It took three months to create and includes an arch way with steel wires woven into the material.

Barry And District News: Black Tent/Black Sarah by Imogen Bright MoonBlack Tent/Black Sarah by Imogen Bright Moon

Ms Eastwood, said is was an “honour” to be selected for Gypsy Maker 5, with her work exploring Romani women’s intersectional identities and the impact of racism on her community.

She said: “The work in the show follows the conceptual journey of this creative process since the death of my father and gives insight in to the often private rituals followed by those from my community following the death of a loved one.”

Barry And District News: Corrina Eastwood's work is included in the exhibitionCorrina Eastwood's work is included in the exhibition

The artwork will be on display at Art Central Gallery in Barry until May 21.