A SIX-YEAR-OLD chat show host from Rhoose has unveiled an episode of his brand new show.

Albert Clohawk is no stranger to the screen – he has run two series of his celebrity talk show Let’s Talk with Albert Clohawk with special guests including Keith Lemon, Colin Jackson, Vivienne Carlyle, and more.

Last December the up-and-coming TV sensation created an advent calendar interviewing famous faces each day before a Christmas special.

And now the little lad has presented and produced a new show Best Job Ever! - Theater of the Sea.

Inspired by Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience, Albert spent the day (virtually) with dolphin trainers at Theater of the Sea in Florida, rating the job at 10/10.

Barry And District News:

Theater of the Sea is special to Albert's family - his dad, Ian Closier-Hawkins was a regular guest during his childhood before working there in 2008 and 2009.

Although Covid meant Albert created the show virtually, he visited when he was three, and hopes to return when possible.

“Albert loves the sea and animals,” said Mr Closier-Hawkins.

"He loves dolphins but his favourite animal changes every day - at the moment he likes rabbits because they’ve been everywhere for Easter.

“He’s thinking about what he wants to be when he’s older, so the show is a combination of my history and Albert's interest.

"It’s something for us to share and it’s quite special.”

Barry And District News:

Best Job Ever! - Theater of the Sea is Albert's favourite show so far as he's been able to be more involved with presenting and producing.

"We filmed questions and they [trainers] filmed their answers," continued Mr Closier-Hawkins.

"He was gobsmacked when he saw their replies - he couldn't believe it; he was thrilled."

Barry And District News:

The duo plan to visit Theater of the Sea before the end of next year along with visiting close friends living in the area.

"It’s a very special place where the health and wellbeing of the animals takes precedence over anything else," said Mr Closier-Hawkins.

“The animals have natural sea water lagoons full of fish, mangroves and other sea creatures. They also have a lot of space - much more than a lot of other animals in captivity.”

Barry And District News:

Although this is currently a one-off it's hoped that Albert can create more Best Job Ever! episodes offering insight into other jobs.

Previous shows have had a few hundred views, while this one has more than 1,000.

"He thinks he’s Taylor Swift-level famous," laughed Mr Closier-Hawkins. 

"He’s got business cards and gives them out wherever he goes.”

People can watch Best Job Ever! - Theater of the Sea - and subscribe to Albert's YouTube channel - at https://youtu.be/GyJhBnsphZs