THE Welsh Government has announced it is considering cutting  school summer holidays in half – which has seen mixed results from our readers.

We asked the people of Barry and Penarth on their thoughts of the reduction of the summer school holidays from six weeks to three, which could come in under plans to modernise the academic year.

The Welsh Government has not said anything on when or how any changes could or would be introduced but it has been greeted with a mixed reaction.

Sarah Timmins said: “Don’t confuse school with childcare. Continue with six weeks holiday in the summer at least! We get the shortest summer break in the world. State should provide free/affordable childcare.”

Trena Wise said: “Four weeks would be better and spread the rest throughout the year.” This was agreed with by Lisa Gerrard.

Trudi Thomas said: “Five weeks and an extra week off at Christmas.”

Iulia Condurache said: “These kids need this. Where is this obsession to work more is coming from? School is enough, work week is too much. Cut the bloody huge pays, tax the rich properly, educate for sustainability not waste and you will have a balance.”


Kelly Crowther said: “No. By moving the extra leave to October and December is going to cost me so much more to entertain the kids. At least in the summer we can hopefully enjoy the sunshine and free stuff as parks and beaches.”

Lynne Bryan said: “Yes definitely they get to many holidays as it is.”

Luna Davies said: “Perhaps four weeks but the last week of school is turned over to fun activities without academic focus. Add the other week in to Christmas. If it comes after Christmas, the kids should have enough to do to entertain themselves.”

Paula Chapman said: “I'd rather four weeks to be honest. And let the kids have an extra week at Christmas and Easter. Six weeks is just a bit long by week four they are usually bored and craving a bit of normality and routine.”

Mike Corbridge said: “No... probably parents wish it was shorter. I had six when I was a kid and it wasn't long enough.”

Tracy Lewis said: “Yes.... six weeks (especially this year) is way too long. Nobody's gathering the hay on the farm anymore etc needs to be cut back to at most four weeks.”