A ROW over a roof terrace built without planning permission has led to a bitter dispute between neighbours.

The owners of the house on Pontypridd Road in Barry, who recently built a dormer and extension, may now face enforcement action from Vale of Glamorgan council.

The dormer was built with doors out onto a roof terrace on top of the extension, looking out onto neighbouring gardens.

Neighbours complained to the Vale council’s planning department, claiming the extensions were “intrusive and overbearing” and stopped them wanting to use their gardens in summer.

Councillors on the council’s planning committee voted to approve enforcement action on March 2. Councillor Janice Charles, speaking on behalf of one affected neighbour, told the planning committee about the “harassment and intimidation” faced by the neighbour.

She said: “They have been fighting this battle for over a year now and it seems the neighbours have a total lack of respect for the planning procedure and the law. The main area of concern was when CCTV cameras were put up directed only into their garden.

“No aspect of the build has complied with legislation. The whole family has suffered mentally due to their actions, with two teenage daughters who feel uncomfortable in the garden due to the case of overlooking. They worry about the ability to feel comfortable in the summer.

“Their whole build is overbearing and intrusive. It certainly stands out in a very invasive manner, compared to designs of other houses in the area. Rules are in place for a reason and should be followed. If that happens, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in today.”

Owners of the house on Pontypridd Road did not attend the planning committee. Enforcement action would mean railings put up preventing access to the roof terrace, and setting back the dormer, according to council bosses.

Ian Robinson, operational manager for planning and building control, said: “We had a complaint from a neighbouring property, so officers investigated that and found those structures to be larger than what can be erected without permission.

“The dormer extension has doors on the back of it and they give access to a large roof terrace, which has direct unobstructed views of the neighbouring property. Overlooking from this terrace is excessive and harmful to the living conditions of the neighbouring property.”