THE VALE of Glamorgan Council has set out its key aims for the next year.

The council’s annual delivery plan was approved at a meeting of the full council on Monday, March 7, following a public consultation with the public and consideration by the cabinet.

The document explains how the council plans to achieve its four wellbeing objectives, which are:

  1. To work with and for Vale communities;
  2. To support learning, employment, and sustainable economic growth;
  3. To support people at home and in their community;
  4. To respect, enhance and enjoy the environment.


Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Cllr Neil Moore, said:

“We will look to progress work that aligns with these objectives, within which there are six distinct themes.

“By striving to meet these aims, we believe we will help realise our vision for the Vale of Strong Communities with a Bright Future.”

The six themes that work on these objectives will span are:

  • Project Zero – The council is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. This includes a green infrastructure strategy, improvements to buildings, promoting active travel and public transport, and installation of electric vehicle charging points. Plus, a focus on procurement and community engagement.
  • Community capacity - Increasing capacity within Vale communities, ensuring people can have their say. Across all activities there will be an increased focus on community engagement.  A new public participation strategy will be published, with steps taken to increase youth participation.
  • Hardship – Meeting the needs of those experiencing hardship (e.g. financial difficulties, housing need or difficulties accessing suitable employment). This includes reducing homelessness, money advice, benefits and employment services, and food poverty projects, including projects in schools.
  • Care and support – Meeting the needs of more vulnerable residents, ensuring people have access to care and support and information to keep them safe and well with due regard to their physical and mental wellbeing. Plans include being more age-friendly, safeguarding and public protection, working with children and their families, and more integration across health and social care – plus a focus on pupil wellbeing.
  • Transformation - This brings together work with the community and tackling climate change along with technology and assets, workforce development and innovative projects and opportunities for changing how they work across all services.
  • Infrastructure – Investing in Vale schools and housing and ensuring they have the right infrastructure to support economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing. Activities include the 21st century schools programme, a review of the Local Development Plan and building new council homes. Plus working through the Cardiff capital region focusing on planning, transport, and economic development.

How does the council intend to meet its wellbeing objectives?

  1. Using technology effectively, encouraging conversations about the climate emergency, increasing the use of the Welsh language.
  2. Delivering new and improved educational facilities through the Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme. The council will also work with partners to develop residents’ skills and the Cardiff capital region to deliver transport improvements and economic opportunities.
  3. People will be supported by the regional response to the Covid pandemic and through the development of leisure, recreational and educational activities, among other initiatives.
  4. Schools will become greener, with plans to make transport more sustainable.