A NATURE emergency community camp has been set up for people campaigning against the felling of hundreds of trees to build a new cancer centre.

On Monday morning a community camp was set up opposite the gate of Lady Cory Field to continue to protest the felling of 350 trees to make way for a new Velindre cancer centre.

More than 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for Forest Farm Nature Reserve trees, at the Northern Meadows in Cardiff, to be protected from development. 

Campaigners opposing the works to enable building the proposed cancer centre, set to cost £500 million, believe it will cause an environmental disaster for Cardiff and South Wales.

They believe the development will:

  • Threaten biodiversity;
  • Pollute the air around Coryton Primary School and the Hollybush Estate;
  • Lead to an increase in flooding around forest farm road where the Afon Taf has previously flooded homes.

Protesters also argue that it ignores the opposition of health professionals to the model of standalone cancer care.

They are calling on Welsh Government and Cardiff Council – who own the land – to not fell the trees to make way for a new Velindre Cancer Centre.

Find out more about why people are protesting this move at https://savethenorthernmeadows.wales/