IT WOULD not be "sensible" to ease restrictions on sporting events in Wales in preparation for the Six Nations.

That was the view of health minister Eluned Morgan, speaking earlier today as part of the Welsh Government's coronavirus update briefing.

In Wales there are currently restrictions in place which limit the number of people able to attend outdoor sporting events to 50 (30 indoors).

Ms Morgan was asked whether Wales would follow Scotland's lead in scrapping the limit.

Earlier today first minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon announced that, from January 17, there would be no limit on outdoor crowds.

She said that the Welsh Government were "keen" to do so "as soon as we can".

However, that may not be any time soon.

"The pandemic is very much still with us. We are keeping an eye on the statistics," she said.

"It would be difficult to dismantle things if the numbers continue to rise."

Wales first home fixture in the Six Nations is scheduled for February 12, when they will take on Scotland.

"In terms of the Six Nations we still have a bit of time," Ms Morgan said.

"It's unlikely we will see an easing until we see at least a levelling off.

"Let's be clear, we are seeing the highest level of cases that we have seen throughout the pandemic.

"Now would not be a sensible time to ease things."