A BARRY woman experienced her biggest dream and worst nightmare all in one day.

Wednesday, October 13, saw Emma Gholamhossein achieve her dream of becoming a self-published author as debut book Mastering Your Crown; A Guide to Transforming Anxiety, Fear, Loss and Grief in Times of Crisis was released. However, that very same day of the book – which covers grief – was released, she experienced her own grief as her mum died from a terminal lung disease.

Ms Gholamhossein said the book is a “practical yet simple step-by-step guide for navigating life’s ups and downs in today’s challenging world.”

Mastering Your Crown will teach you how to self-regulate using the innovative eight-step sequence which relieves anxiety and fear. Then you will learn to transform your loss and grief regardless of cause through conducting a life review and undergoing a process called letting go,” she said.

During the book, Ms Gholamhossein provides her own insights into the journey and how she healed herself from her own personal crisis.

Ms Gholamhossein holds an MSc in Physical Activity & Health and is a health, wellbeing and exercise specialist, energy therapist, Reiki master teacher, psychic healer, angel communicator and cosmic guide.


In 2016, she had a period of severe mental illness which led to panic attacks, anxiety and PTSD. It led to her becoming agoraphobic for a number of months and she left her university career.

She says that the episode was caused by anticipatory grief after her mum’s diagnosis, repressed grief from previous bereavements and symbolic loss from her innate sensitivity as a psychic healer. She found healing from her own crisis by founding Mastering Me and shares her healing process in her new book.

Mastering Your Crown; A Guide to Transforming Anxiety, Fear, Loss and Grief in Times of Crisis is available for £11.99 in paperback or £6.99 as an e-book. You can purchase it from www.emmagholamhossein.com, Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble.

Ms Gholamhossein is hosting a launch party for the book on Saturday, December 18, at The Gallery in Barry. It will take place between midday and 4pm.

There will be copies of the book on sale, a chance for the books to be signed and demonstrations of the eight-step sequence discussed in the book.