DO these photos look familiar to any of our older readers?

They were featured in print 50 years ago on March 12, 1971, and show pupils celebrating Saint David's Day.

Barry And District News: Pupils of Victoria School in their traditional Welsh costumes

Despite the sepia tones revealing that the photos aren't recent readers the pictures show that Saint David's day costumes remain similar half a century later - particularly the traditional Welsh girl outfit, featuring shawls and bonnets.

Barry And District News: Part of the St David's Day line-up at Albert Junior School

The daffodil also remains a significant symbol of Saint David's Day and, indeed, Welsh culture with them worn by pupils at Evenlode Primary School in one of these 1951 photographs.

Barry And District News: Some giant daffodils were sported by pupils at Evenlode Primary School

What did you dress up as for Saint David's Day when you were younger? Let us know in the comments.