VISITORS to Barry Island have been called on to be respectful after the beach was left strewn with litter during the heatwave rush.

The nationwide heatwave has meant many have visited beaches and beauty spots in Wales, including Barry Island. Although the majority of visitors left no trace on the beach, some people were not as considerate.

Visitors throughout the last few days have littered on the beach.

On Barry there were left over bottles, cans and even nappies on the shoreline.

Miles Punter, Vale of Glamorgan council director for environment and housing, said: "Barry Island is the perfect place to enjoy the recent warm weather and can attract up to 30,000 visitors a day.

"The vast majority of these people are well behaved and respectful while enjoying the resort, but sadly a small minority are not and it is their irresponsible behaviour that results in it being left in this state.


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"The council increases its cleansing activities during the summer when greater visitor numbers are expected. The beach is raked and a litter pick carried out every morning, while extra litter picking is undertaken on weekend evenings. Staff are also on patrol to dispose of rubbish during the day.

"There is a giant bin in the main car park and numerous smaller ones located around the Island, while large wheeled bins have previously been placed on the promenade to deal with beach litter.

"In addition, regular public address announcements remind people to dispose of their waste."

The spokesperson continued: “Litter pickers are attached to a board for people to use should they be kind enough to help us clear up. The council has also installed water fountains on the Island and other locations throughout the Vale in an effort to encourage people away from single-use plastic.

"Unfortunately, despite all these efforts, there are a small number of irresponsible people who show no regard for the environment they have come to enjoy and leave it in an unacceptable condition."

Vale of Glamorgan council have enforcement officers patrolling the Vale and have legal powers to stop anyone they see committing an environmental crime including littering, dog fouling or graffiti.

Business owners who fail to ensure rubbish is disposed of correctly, by leaving rubbish on the beach or allowing commercial bins to overflow, could be issued a fixed penalty notice of up to £300.

Keep Wales Tidy has joined forces with all other authorities in Wales to encourage people to do the right thing while they make the most of the summer. To stop bins filling up and overflowing, everyone is being urged to take their litter home and dispose of it there.

The Keep Wales Tidy team said during the summer, it is essential that parks, green spaces and beaches are kept clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

"At a time when visitor numbers are extremely high and bins are filling up quickly, it is not acceptable to expect somebody else to pick up the rubbish that you create.

"Please take a rubbish bag with you, carry only what you need and if the bins look full - take your litter home."

Keep Wales Tidy chief executive, Lesley Jones, said: "We've all missed our favourite places during lockdown. It is essential that our precious parks, green spaces and beaches are kept clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. Every person has a part to play. It is not acceptable to expect somebody else to pick up the rubbish that you create. When you’re out, make memories, not mess – if bins are full, take your rubbish home."

Across Wales, rates of litter have increased as Covid restrictions continue to ease, and the weather improving. The Keep Wales Tidy team said actions of a small minority have had a negative impact on everyone’s enjoyment of nature. They have also put more strain on council workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep open spaces clean and safe while maintaining other essential services.