FOLLOWNG a difficult year a man's luck has changed after he won his dream car and £80K.

39-year-old Pritpal Sagoo, of Cardiff, took on extra shifts to help the fight against coronavirus and was in the middle of a shift when Christian Williams, of online competition company BOTB, showed up and told Mr Sagoo he'd won a brand-new £119,000 Tesla plus £80,000 cash in the company’s weekly dream car competition.

Following some choice (censored) words Mr Sagoo said: "I don’t believe it, stuff like this just doesn’t happen to me!"

"My entire family was struck down with Covid in February last year after a large family wedding.

"A month later, our family safari business, Bushtrek Safaris in Kenya, was hit hard when the travel-ban and various restrictions meant all holidays from the UK were postponed or cancelled.

"I then had to take on extra shifts at the eye infirmary, which is based inside Tesco, to support our local hospital which was referring all its emergency cases to us to free up staff to help with the pandemic.

"It’s been a very busy and stressful year."

Mr Sagoo started playing BOTB in the late 90s and has played "on and off" since it launched online.

"I’ve been playing for the Tesla recently because a friend has one and it’s a fantastic car. I can’t believe I’m going to drive one!" said Mr Sagoo, who was also awarded a briefcase stuffed with £80,000 in cash.

You can watch the big reveal - and Mr Sagoo's heartwarming reaction - here.

Mr Sagoo plans to use the cash to help his family business.

"I’ll be using some of it for the family business to give us a bit of a headstart once the travel industry is given the green light to start back up," he said.

"And the rest will be going on revamping my golf kit, and upgrading my mountain bike! Thank you so much BOTB!"

BOTB hands over the keys to two "dream cars" each week as well as a lifestyle prize. Other recent winners have bagged a quad bike, a holiday to Las Vegas and a gaming tech bundle.

The company, listed on the stock market, was founded by William Hindmarch in 1999 and has given away more than £42m-worth of cars so far.

Christian Williams, who surprises the BOTB winners each week, said, "Pritpal has played for a fantastic prize and I’m super happy for him!

"He sounds like he’s had a difficult year and I’m sure this is the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Massive congratulations again!"