ALUN Michael has been re-elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales.

The Welsh Labour politician has been serving as the PCC since the role was created in 2012, and will continue to do so for another four years after winning 64 per cent of the total vote.

Conservative candidate Steve Gallagher came in second with 36 per cent.

Among first preference votes, Mr Michael received 177,110 – or 40.99 percent – falling short of the 50 per cent needed to win re-election.

Barry And District News: Alun Edward Michael

Alun Michael speaking after his win

Once the top two were confirmed, the second preference votes were counted – those whose first choice was eliminated – which saw Mr Michael elected with 48,353 votes, and Steve Gallagher had 25,379.

Speaking on his win, Mr Michael said: “It’s been a very strange election, coming as it does in the period of Covid-19.

“So my first thanks are to the other candidates who have shown stamina through that period.


“We took part in a number of speech debates and they were constructed exchanges about things that matter to the electorate of South Wales.

“Thank you to all the staff who have been involved in the count, including the police officers who have been here to deal with any outbreaks but fortunately they haven’t had to deal with.

“You have all shown incredible stamina throughout the last few days with the challenges of the count in this period of Covid-19.

“And thank you in particular to the electorate of South Wales across the 16 constituencies. I take very seriously indeed the responsibilities the votes cast today place on my shoulders in trying to deliver and to continue to improve the effectiveness of policing.

“My commitment is to do that with renewed energy.”

The job of a PCC is to oversee how crime is tackled in their area. They hold their forces to account and set local force priorities and budgets. They also scrutinise the chief constable with the power to appoint and dismiss them.

They also work with local partners to prevent crime. The hope is that their democratic mandate from the public makes them more accountable and able to respond to local people’s concerns.

First preference votes:

  • Alun Edward Michael (Labour) - 177,110
  • Steve Gallagher (Conservative) - 102,465
  • Nadine Rachel Marshall (Plaid) - 82,246
  • Mike Baker (Ind) - 37,110
  • Callum James Littlemore (Lib Dem) - 19,907
  • Gail Moyra John (Propel) - 13,263

Second preference votes:

  • Alun Michael (Labour) - 48,353
  • Steve Gallagher (Conservative) - 25,379