HERE are the candidates for Vale of Glamorgan, and their statements, ahead of today's Senedd election...

Janet Deborah Brocklehurst, Propel: Wales Needs Champions

Janet Brocklehurst

Janet Brocklehurst

"Propel has led the campaigns on two of the most important issues affecting Barry, Penarth and Cardiff.

"We’re the only party that has committed not to allow any nuclear mud to be dumped in our waters, including the mud dredged from outside Hinkley nuclear reactor in Somerset.

"And we’re the only party that even mentions the scandal of dangerous fire risk cladding on so many of our flats and buildings. Through our Contract with Wales we have committed not to issue new building contracts to any housing developer involved in the scandal, until they have paid to fix the problem they created.

"We’ll also end the way leaseholders are getting rinsed by introducing a service charge cap, linked to the Retail Price Index. That will stop the double digit increases in service charges that leaseholders have had to put up with.

"Most importantly, we’ll introduce a Coronavirus Recovery Act to end Welsh lockdowns, save lives and restore freedoms. We can’t just hope we’ll get our freedoms back, we have to vote for them.

"The ten laws in our Contract with Wales will transform our nation. Wales needs champions. Vote Propel."

Alan Terence Coulthard, independent

Alan Coulthard

Alan Coulthard

"I’m 58, and I have worked as a barrister and a lecturer. I lived in Barry for most of my life, and my father, Terry Coulthard, and my late mother, Pat Coulthard, were also educators in the area. As a result, I have genuine links with the Vale and, if elected, my focus will always be on my constituents. I believe people are tired of ‘left versus right’ and the issue-led approach of an Independent candidate is a reason for voting for me.

"I will support any sensible Covid recovery plans from Government. As a bipolar man, I will place mental health high on my priorities, in particular the need for 24/7 access to treatment and more specialised hospitals.

"I would support free school meals and measures to ensure the A-Level fiasco from 2020 is never repeated. Equality matters to me, and I have raised money in support of women’s rights, LGBT+ rights and mental health.

"I have been an ally for women’s rights and a keen supporter of The Arts. I also support Green issues such as Climate Change, and would support measures to reduce poverty, such as reducing the power of landlords."

Stuart Field, Abolish the Welsh Assembly

No statement was received, but you can read about the party at

Richard Grigg, Plaid Cymru

Richard Grigg

Richard Grigg

"I have been a Vale resident for 15 years and raised my family here. I am a solicitor who has worked in the private and public sector for the past 20 years. Prior to that, I produced sports programmes for the BBC.

"I am currently chair of the Dinas Powys Community Council. Outside of work, I have been a school governor and a non-executive board member of a Housing Association. I am an avid supporter of Cardiff City and the Wales football team.

"Wales faces a moment of truth. Coronavirus has exposed decades of deep and growing inequality inflicted on Wales by Westminster’s corrupt elite. This election is our chance to create a brighter future, together, under the leadership of Plaid Cymru.

"We will deliver the best start in life for every child, a fair deal for families, the best NHS and a plan for the whole country to prosper. The future cannot be like the past and it will not be if we choose our own future.

"We will let you – not Westminster – decide Wales’ future. Let’s face the future together - as an equal nation and a nation of equals. Vote for Wales. Vote Plaid Cymru."

Michael Lindsay Hancock, Reform UK

Michael Hancock (Picture: Twitter)

Michael Hancock (Picture: Twitter)

The key pledges from Reform UK's manifesto are:

  • Ensure no more lockdowns for the people of Wales or any area of Wales. We will adopt an approach where data drives decisions.
  • Clear the NHS backlog caused by Covid by investing around £1 billion over the next four years to put waiting lists to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Give parents the right to take their children on holiday giving flexibility to take children out of the classroom for up to 10 days.
  • Build the M4 relief road and new train stations to improve infrastructure in Wales.
  • Reduce the cost of local government by cutting the number of local authorities and pass these savings on to the communities in Wales.

Jane Elizabeth Hutt, Welsh Labour

Barry And District News:

I have been proud to serve the Vale of Glamorgan for the past 22 years as your Assembly/Senedd Member living in Barry with my family. I have spent all my working life in Wales in the voluntary sector and was the first Coordinator of Welsh Women’s Aid. I went into politics serving as a South Glamorgan County Councillor for 12 years before standing for the Assembly in 1999 and being elected to represent the Vale of Glamorgan. I have been fortunate to hold ministerial posts in health and social services, education, finance and now equalities, crime and justice. I am passionate about equality and fair play and proud to have recently launched the Wales Race Equality Action Plan. I have supported my constituents in many different ways - securing flood alleviation plans and payments, helping thousands of people through my casework service, backing Barry Hospital and the 21st century school building benefiting our children and young people. I am Trustee of the Vale Youth Forum and Vale for Africa and I support the choirs, festivals and places of worship that enrich life across the Vale. Care, compassion and kindness are crucial in today’s society and reflect my beliefs. The past year has been challenging for us all, and more so for some than others and we must move forward to close that gap and help Wales recover from the pandemic in a fair and sustainable way backing our businesses, protecting our environment, supporting our public services and our volunteers and it is a privilege to serve you and represent you as we move Wales forward together. 

Karl-James Langford, Gwlad - The Welsh Independence Party

Karl-James Langford

Karl-James Langford

"I entered this election against the backdrop of a full-on year campaigning for the rights of the self-employed, and the need for parity with the employed and actively vocal against the denial of civil rights throughout the controlling lockdowns that we have had to endure.

"As an archaeologist I see the campaign against the active destruction of our heritage throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, as key to my message as a candidate. Heritage is our identity, and the denial of this for future generations must be highlighted. We have seen the active destruction of archaeology at the hands of complicit politicians and archaeologists and further destruction must be stopped. I believe that Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments should be abolished and replaced by a body that can protect our heritage.

"I support the end to further lockdowns, and see the need for schools, and hospitals to be exempt from government inspections for a full year. I would also campaign for increased funding for mental and physical health provisions in the region. Further campaign for the abolishment of the Welsh Assembly, and replacement with a full independent Parliament, after a Yes vote to that effect."

Neill Vasudeo Shah, Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews.

Neill Shah

Neill Shah

"Hello, my name is Neill Shah. I have a Biology degree, served as a lieutenant in the infantry and taught at secondary schools level.

"I now run a health food store in Penarth with my wife. I have decided to stand for the freedom alliance for a very simple reason. Because I believe if you cause no harm, injury or loss to others, then you should be left alone by the state, to live as you wish.

"I hope to restore open and honest debate in our Senedd. I will do my level best to fight back against the creeping police state that has evolved over the last year and bring those who have caused so much harm to justice. Thank you."

Anthony David Slaughter, Green Party

Anthony Slaughter

Anthony Slaughter

"At a time of climate crisis, health crisis and growing inequality, we must take urgent and decisive action to build a fairer, greener, more resilient Wales. We must ensure that we reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030 to tackle the Climate Emergency, take bold steps to restore nature, and create an equal Wales with secure lives for all.

"I will work to enable the Vale and the wider South Wales Central region play it’s part in the much needed Green Recovery. This will include promoting increased active travel and sustainable public transport options accessible to all, helping to reduce emissions and air pollution. I will also work together with local independent businesses and producers to help our town centres and high streets thrive and become places valued by our communities.

"Our Green Transformation Fund will revive local economies and create tens of thousands of jobs in housing, renewable energy, transport and many other sectors, reviving once abandoned areas.

"We know the last seat on the regional list in South Wales Central will be between the Greens, the Tories and Abolish. It is vitally important that traditional Labour voters lend their vote to the Greens on the second ballot."

Matt Smith, Welsh Conservatives

No statement was received, but you can read about the party at

Sally Anne Stephenson, Welsh Liberal Democrats – Put Recovery First

No statement was received, but you can read about the party at