Coping with bereavement is never an easy thing to deal with and it is important to recieve the best possible support.

Here are 2 of the best funeral directors that will offer just that and more. 

Green Willow Funerals

Barry And District News:

Green Willows Funeral Home are always at the heart of the community and the directors of Green Willow Funerals give their expertise, time and governance in a voluntary capacity. Their motivation is to ensure bereaved individuals and families receive personal, respectful and affordable services and to ensure company profits are donated for charitable purposes.

Furthermore, the directors set and promote an ethos and standards to which:

The company and its staff will provide a transparent, compassionate service to its clients and the families that it serves.

The approach to the client will be client-centred and, at all times, impartial professional advice will be provided, giving the client all options possible.

We will enable and support the client and empower them to be the decision maker and, having provided the required information, ensure the client understands why they have made those decisions and that it remains appropriate to their needs.

We will maintain professional fees that meet the needs of the company and its commitments and reflect the services provided; however, these charges are not purely profit driven and are levied at a rate that provides a cost effective option to the clients and the communities that we serve when they are compared to the charges made by the company’s competitors.

All clients, regardless of gender, faith or belief are treated as equals. Green Willow Funerals is also an equal opportunity employer.

As a company owned by a Christian and charitable body, the Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust, the company and its staff aim to maintain and uphold in all matters Christian principles and teachings, although they (the staff) are not required to be practising Christians.

Phone: Newport | 01633 746531


Park Funeral Directors 

Barry And District News:

We continue to provide professional and respectful funeral services from our independent funeral homes situated in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. Our establishment has been serving the local community for many years now. Park Funeral Directors are committed to ensuring your lost loved one receives the dignified and heartfelt send-off they deserve.

Not to mention, your family’s needs are our top priority, and we go above and beyond to ensure final wishes are met. As an independent, family-run funeral directors, we offer that extra personal touch to make sure the funeral service is as special as you envisage.

We will bring your loved one into our care at either our Barry or Penarth site. Here, they will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect until the day of the funeral. Our facilities also offer tasteful and comfortable rest rooms in which you can spend time with the deceased in peace and solitude. Here, you will be able to share final moments of prayer or reflection with the deceased while in a safe and private setting. Our experienced staff will then guide you through the process of arranging the funeral, including sourcing memorials, flowers and stationery.

We are committed to fulfilling the final requests of the deceased and their families. Therefore, you can rest assure that any final requests will be followed to the letter wherever possible. If you have a funeral plan, your wishes will be carried out in accordance with your package.

Alternatively, pre-determined requests of the deceased as well as those of the next of kin will be carried out. Our promise to you is that every funeral delivered by Park Funeral Directors will be conducted with the utmost in dignity and respect at all times.

Phone: Barry | 01446 421 212   Penarth | 02920 705 555