A GROUP of 'intoxicated' men continued drinking after being rescued from the sea.

Four men from Pontypool were ordered by South Wales Police to leave Ogmore-by-Sea on Saturday afternoon due to their anti-social behaviour.

They were intoxicated and had to be helped out the sea by the RNLI. They continued to drink alcohol, some through funnels, on the grass near the Rivermouth car park.

Officers seized the alcohol, issued a Section-35 Notice, and placed the group in taxis to go home. The men, three aged 19 and one aged 20, will also receive Anti-Social Behaviour ASB stage 1 warning letter.

This is one of a number of anti-social incidents South Wales Police dealt with in the Vale of Glamorgan - they also issued a caution to a teenager caught in Penarth with an offensive weapon.

The 19-year-old from Rumney was arrested for possessing an offensive weapon on Penarth Esplanade at around 8pm on Saturday. He claimed the knife was for fishing purposes but had no other fishing equipment with him. He was taken into custody for interview and received a caution.

And in Cardiff Bay 22-year-old Rhys Morgan, from Llanharen, was arrested and charged with being drunk and disorderly following reports of a fight on the steps in front of the Senedd at around 6.30pm on Saturday. He is due to appear at Merthyr Magistrates' Court on May 14.

Chief Inspector Bella Rees said: "The vast majority of people who visit our beautiful coastal areas behave appropriately and in accordance with the regulations.

"But we will not tolerate the behaviour of a minority who consume excess alcohol, litter and ruin the quiet enjoyment for law-abiding citizens.

"Anti-social behaviour and criminality has a detrimental impact on our communities and we will continue to patrol key areas to prevent such activity."

Section 35 notices were in place to prevent anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Ogmore-by-Sea, Barry Island, the Oval Basin in Cardiff Bay at the weekend.

Section 35 notices give officers the power to move people on from the area that are acting in an anti-social manner.

It is the first time that Ogmore-by-Sea has been subject to such an order which is in response to recent ASB in the area.

South Wales Police will not monitor visitor numbers and prevent those visiting in a law-abiding manner from enjoying beauty spots.