WITH the weather heating up many of us want to heat up the grill for a barbecue.

We asked our readers on Facebook whether they thought disposable barbecues should be banned from parks and beaches.

Although some were for the idea and others were against the majority of comments suggested that disposable barbecues are not the issue – they suggested that irresponsible users are the problem.

This is some of what our readers had to say…

James Towers doesn’t think disposable barbecues should be banned from parks and beaches, as not everyone has a garden. He suggested: “Maybe display instructions on how to use and dispose of them properly.”

Michelle Evans wrote: “Sadly - because of a small percentage of people that can't act responsibly and safely - yes as the damage and mess they leave is awful.”

Emma Harris posted: “In normal circumstances I'd say no, but people are pigs these days and leave their rubbish behind... Sadly these individuals will ruin it for the rest.”

Leanne Newman suggested having one area for barbecues, adding: "As long as they take their rubbish home."


Some recommended having wardens in these area, including Beth Mitchell who wrote: “There's a lot of people who have lost jobs so why can't we have wardens like we used to? That way people can enjoy the parks, beaches, barbecues and by having wardens, there can be more patrols and they can enforce the rules.”

Lisa Petherick supported the idea, writing: "Stick to cold picnics and taking your rubbish home would be good! There are BBQs for hire in Cosmeston and Porthkerry... although sadly the use of these is often abused and litter left.. it's very sad that so many have no respect for the beaches and countryside nowadays.”

Julie Ward agreed with banning disposable barbecues on beaches, due to hot coals being left on the sand, and suggested designated areas in parks.

But Nikki Jane disagreed, posting: "No, the people that leave them should be banned from parks!"

Mark Ayers added: "No. People just need to use and dispose of them responsibly. Banning them will only punish the responsible users, others will just ignore a ban regardless."

What are your thoughts?

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