SUMMER is coming, restrictions are easing, and many people are hoping to have some fun in the sun.

Barry is known for its beaches, history, ice-cream, and – of course – Gavin and Stacey but what are some of the best things to do in Barry?

These are the top five things to do outside in Barry, according to TripAdvisor at the time of publication.

The popularity ranking of all the places is based on ‘the quality, recency and quantity of reviews that a business receives from users — and the consistency of those reviews over time.’

Porthkerry Country Park

Viaduct at Porthkerry Country Park

Viaduct at Porthkerry Country Park

Porthkerry Country Park, on Park Road, tops the list with an average rating of 4.5 out of five, based on 434 reviews.

Porthkerry Country Park is 220 acres of woods and meadows with numerous nature trails, picnic sites, a café, an adventure play area, barbecue areas, a mini golf course, and parking.

One reviewer wrote: “They seem to have everything: wood sculptures, an amazing variety of stunning trees, a viaduct, that you can walk up to and see trains travelling along, a beautiful cafe that seemed very popular, flat mown areas for walking, woods, streams and a boardwalk down to a pebble beach… highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area.”

But one should be warned: territorial squirrels lurk at the park and may throw acorns at you.

Whitmore Bay

Whitmore Bay (Picture: Beth Ames)

Whitmore Bay (Picture: Beth Ames)

Whitmore Bay is second on the list, also boasting an average of 4.5 out of five stars, based on 245 reviews.

One couple visited the golden sand beach and rated it five out of five, writing that they enjoyed a ‘nice walk’ with their dogs.

Another reviewer described it as a ‘beautiful clean’ beach with space for social distancing.

One wrote: “Beautiful sandy beach, lovely for relaxing or having fun. Spent a couple of days with the family here, beach is very clean and welcoming.”

Reviewers also praised the availability of parking and variety of good on offer (just watch out for those seagulls!)

Barry Island Pleasure Park

Barry Island Pleasure Park

Barry Island Pleasure Park

Barry Island Pleasure Park, which will re-open its funfair on April 26, also made the top five with an average rating of 3.5 out of five based on 722 reviews.

There are mixed opinions on TripAdvisor. Prior to the pleasure park closing due to coronavirus restrictions some TripAdvisor reviewers expressed concerns about the cleanliness of rides.

But other visitors described it as ‘very pleasant’ with one adding that it’s ‘well worth a visit’.

A first-time visitor, who rated it five out of five, wrote: “I was just so excited and couldn't wait to get my tokens & for the adventure to begin. Great day out for children & adults of all ages, good value & entertainment.

The Amelia Trust Farm

(Picture: Amelia Trust Farms Facebook)

(Picture: Amelia Trust Farm's Facebook)

The Amelia Trust Farm – which will announce on their social media channels when they are able to re-open to the public – also made the top five with an average four out of five stars based on 163 reviews.

The farm is also a small charity that supports disadvantaged and vulnerable young people through alternative education and community engagement.

One reviewer wrote: “There are some lovely walks around the farm - perfect for a young family! My sons love counting the fairies and gnomes on the trail and seeing the animals. The eggs sold are fresh from the farm and really tasty! The farm does wonderful work and I feel happy that my entrance fee will go towards supporting this charity work.”

Smugglers Cove

(Picture: Emily H/TripAdvisor)

(Picture: Emily H/TripAdvisor)

Smuggling its way onto the list is Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf, which has 4.5 stars out of five based on 55 reviews.

The pirate-themed golf course is described as ‘great fun’ with one reviewer writing: “Give yourself enough time to enjoy it and not rush. The kids seem to love the theme and all of the detailed water features. pleasant family fun for everyone.”

Another reviewer who visited with her brother prior to the pandemic wrote: “We loved the strong theme throughout the course. The course wasn't the hardest which is good as it means it's more relaxing as an adult and I'm sure would keep younger ones interested.”

Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf will re-open on April 26.