HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition asking for an 'outdated' park in Barry to be upgraded.

More than 250 people have signed a petition, co-started by residents Jessica Doidge and Mandy Nicholson, calling on Vale of Glamorgan Council to upgrade Palmerston Park in Barry.

Ms Doidge has lived in the area for eight years and, despite other parks in the Vale of Glamorgan being updated, states that Palmerston Park has had no work during that time.

Ms Nicholson has lived in the area for more than 30 years and hoped to launch a petition about upgrading Palmerston Park last year, but the coronavirus pandemic put this on hold.

Ms Nicholson said: “I’ve lived here since 1976.

“Last year I was going to start a petition asking Vale of Glamorgan Council to upgrade Palmerston Park, but with everything that happened I decided not to.

“The park is on a huge bit of land; the playing field it’s based on doesn’t get much use other than dog walkers, so ideally they could move the park there.

“If not, the park could do with a complete redesign, including a ramp as there’s not currently disabled access.”

At the moment people with pushchairs have to carry them down the steps and disabled children - including from the nearby school - struggle to access the park.

“The park is outdated and the lack of disabled access means some children don’t get to play with their friends,” added Ms Nicholson.

“There’s lots of children here and we all know each other so it wouldn’t be anti-social.

“It’s desperately needed. When I watch my grandkids I drive them to a better park, when I’ve got this lovely bit of land on my doorstep.”


Ms Doidge, who has two children - aged six and two - also has high hopes for the park.

Ms Doidge said: “It’s the only park in walking distance for my family; in the eight years I’ve lived here Palmerston Park’s never been touched.

“Cosmeston Park has been updated but I know that was needed.

“Pencoedtre Park was upgraded a few years back, and includes a splash park. Central Park is being upgraded, apparently for the third time."

Pencoedtre Park got upgraded in 2019 (Picture: VOG Council/Facebook)

Pencoedtre Park got upgraded in 2019 (Picture: VOG Council/Facebook)

“So many people have said they wish it has disabled access. There’s also no benches for adults to sit on; the only sitting area is the steps which have nettles and stingies coming in.

“We’d like a fenced area, as at the moment dogs roam wherever they want. And we would 100 per cent love an upgrade of the play facilities; my eldest has outgrown everything except the swing - which sometimes has 10 kids on it.”

The petition is available at

A Vale of Glamorgan spokesperson said: “The Council has undertaken large-scale work to upgrade parks and play areas across the County.

“Like all play areas, the facilities at Palmerston Park are regularly inspected and, though there are no plans to upgrade them at present, this is under constant review.”