A SINGER who studies at Cardiff and Vale college has self-produced, recorded and released her own song and music video.

18-year-old singer and guitarist Ruby Kelly has released an original song Sublime which she wrote, performed, recorded, and created a video for using the app GarageBand.

Inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, the video for Sublime uses various clips of friends, family and - of course - dogs, offering listeners a nostalgia for simpler times and hope for a fun-filled future when people can see friends and go out again.

"I was quite scared about how it would go," admitted Ms Kelly.

"But I felt quite down during lockdown - it was cold, I was stuck inside, and I hadn't written or performed anything in about four months.

"I was looking back at photos and thought, for me personally, it's not that bad. It could be so much worse; I feel for the people that are on their own.

"I'm inspired by everyone around me and it would be a bit rubbish if they weren't around.

“It’s a difficult situation, but it’s nice to be happy and positive.”

Sublime has been watched and listened to thousands of times – via Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud with the rising star having "so many" messages of support from listeners.

“I don’t have a big following so I’ve been shocked and overwhelmed by the response,” added Ms Kelly.

“It’s just mad and shows the power of social media.

“I hope people listening to Sublime feel positive. Hopefully it’s not long until we can go back out and enjoy things.

“In winter it was awful but things can only get better in summer – there will be stuff to look forward to again.”

Ruby Kelly, who's from Newport but currently studies in Cardiff and Vale college, plans to study journalism at university in September but plans to continue making and performing music – she’s hopeful that she’ll be able to perform gigs, travel and enjoy the little things.

Find Ruby Kelly on Facebook @rubykelly2002 or Instagram @rubykelly.music