THE ABOLISH the Welsh Assembly Party has announced their prospective South Wales Central candidates for the 2020 Senedd election.

Stuart Field has been announced as a prospective candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan, and Lisa Peregrine has been announced as a prospective candidate for Penarth and Cardiff South.

Other prospective candidates for Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party are:

  • Munawar Mughal (Cardiff Central)
  • Lawrence Gwynn (Cardiff North)
  • Martyn Ford (Cardiff West)
  • Gareth Bennett (Cynon Valley)
  • Mike Hughes (Pontypridd)
  • Ian McLean (Rhondda)

Abolish party leader, Richard Suchorzewski, said: “This is just the first in a number of candidate announcements to come from The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party with more to follow shortly.

"It is our intention to stand candidates in all constituencies as well as the regional list.

"The more candidates we get elected, the sooner we can stop Wales from sleepwalking towards independence.”

South Wales Central MS and Regional Organiser, Gareth Bennett, added: “I am delighted to announce our full slate of prospective constituency candidates for South Wales Central.

"They come from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life, each prepared to give a voice to those people in Wales who believe in a United Kingdom and want to see the Welsh Assembly Abolished.

“The bureaucratic gravy train in Cardiff Bay has done nothing for the people of Wales.

"We are all now worse off than we were before we had the Assembly, apart from the politicians, lobbyists and assorted devocrats who profit from it.

"It’s time to say ‘no more’, and have one UK Government once again.”