A GROUP of people who walked more than 11 million steps in 14 weeks have spoken about their experience.

'The Wall Nuts' is a group of 18 clients from the Vale of Glamorgan Council's National Referral Service (NES) who all have different medical conditions, but didn't let that stop them taking on a virtual walk of the Great Wall of China.

The Wall Nuts walked a total of 5,500 miles between them from October to January - they completed an estimated 400 miles a week and registered more than 11 million steps, averaging at 80,000 steps a week per person.

Team member, Ray Hurrell, said: "When we first started out I thought it was impossible, but when we knew the finish line was in sight we pushed on as a team and managed to do it. It was an amazing feeling.

"On reflection, we made this achievement happen by deciding to try and I hope our success proves to others that they could achieve it as well.

“It's hard to believe that something so challenging could be so enjoyable. With my motivation on a high, I can't wait for the next challenge.”

Although it's not set in stone, The Wall Nuts are hoping to next take on a virtual walk across Australia, following the Indian Pacific railway route.

Team member, Jo Roxborough, said: “The walk challenge that Craig organised has improved my physical and mental health more that I could have ever imagined.

"I have lost weight and feel fitter, stronger and have more energy.

“Although I did have a short break from the walking group, I started to feel isolated and realised I needed that daily incentive and challenge to help me achieve my fitness goals.

I was surprised how fast I was walking, I felt as though I was getting younger not older!"

And team member, Steve Parry, praised the challenge for motivating him to keep moving.

Mr Parry said: "The Great Wall of China walk challenge, organised by Craig, was great and kept me motivated to keep moving.

“I really enjoyed it and it helped improve my fitness and mental health.

“I’m really looking forward to the next challenge.”

Vale of Glamorgan's NERS team