THE last known air raid shelter in Barry - which some hoped would be a learning centre for children - has been demolished.

An air raid shelter, at the junction of Cemetery Approach and Barry Road and believed to date back to the 1940s, has been demolished as it was ‘structurally unsound’.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesman said: “Unfortunately, this building had become structurally unsound so had to be taken down for public safety. It had not been used for a number of years and the costs of repairs were excessive.

“The area will shortly be leased to Barry Town Council (BTC) as part of the Cemetery Approach Open Space Project.”

The Cemetery Approach Open Space Project, which is jointly funded by BTC and Vale of Glamorgan Council, is an ongoing project to improve the area.

In 2017, a spokeswoman for Barry Town Council said: “Barry Town Council is keen to protect the air raid shelter as part of Barry’s heritage and this will be included within Phase 2 of the Cemetery Approach Gardens project.

“Barry Town Council believe that this structure is an integral piece of local history and intends to make it safe and use it as an historical learning experience for school children.”

Barry at War Group, which is made up of volunteers who run Barry at War Museum, backed the 2017 plans to utilise the historic landmark, particularly as a place for schoolchildren to visit and learn about the war.

Barry And District News:

Members of Barry At War Group at the air raid shelter 

It is now clear that, due to structural damage to the landmark, the former air raid shelter will not be used for this purpose.

Mr Booker said: “I’m very disappointed at this outcome,” but did not wish to comment further.

Planning application for the demolition is available online and mentions agencies that were consulted ahead of the decision being made; Barry at War Group were not consulted.

It is not yet known what will become of the site - Barry Town Council has been contacted.