A BARRY man has released a new book chronicling the archaeological finds around the Barry area.

Gareth Tyley has spent the past 50 years working on various archaeological excavations around the area after being inspired as a youngster by Howard Thomas, a celebrated archaeologist.

Barry And District News:

Gareth Tyley. Picture: Kevin Moore Photography

Speaking to the Barry and District News on how he became interested in archaeology, Mr Tyley said: “I was interested at a young age, about 11.” In 1965, Mr Thomas was carrying out an excavation on a medieval village at Highlight, which Mr Tyley went to and learnt from Mr Thomas everything he needed to know.

The following year, Mr Tyley carried out his first excavation in Porthkerry and has since carried out numerous excavations in the area and Merthyr Dyfan. The area has since been used for development but during his excavations, Mr Tyley was able to rescue the archaeology and history of the area.

Following a break, his passion was rekindled in 2005 and he excavated a medieval manor house site, which was located on the private property of Dr Lennox – who provided permission for him to excavate. The manor house ruins that were found date back to the 13th century.

Barry And District News:

Barry Unearthed


In 2015, Mr Tyley began work on Barry Unearthed to provide an up to date archaeological record and pictures documenting the finds and the area. Lifelong friend Mr Thomas was a vital influence in the book – urging Mr Tyley to make sure it was finished, but he died before seeing the final copy, which has since been dedicated to him.

Barry Unearthed has been released just in time for the 136th anniversary of the cutting of the first sod at Castle Land Point on November 14, 1884 and the 36th anniversary of the Barry Centenary Book’s publication.

It covers not only the finds of Mr Tyley but provides a pictorial record of Barry’s ancient remains from 1872 to the present and covers the Victorians, local historians and archaeologists telling the story of the town and district over the centuries.

Barry Unearthed is on sale at Copy It on Holton Road.