IT seems that if Penarth’s residents are not being irritated by a “high pitched whining noise” from one direction, they are being annoyed by a “horrible smell” from another direction.

For following on recent protests about the troublesome noise coming from the National Coal Board’s multi-heat plant at Cardiff Docks are complaints about the smell from B.P Chemicals works at Sully.

Cllr Quentyn Lewis told members of Penarth Council on Monday: “There was a horrible smell hanging around the town for two or three days last week.

“I think we should concern ourselves with the efforts already being made by some people to do something about this horrible smell which comes from B.P Chemicals.

“Until something is done about it we will just have to put up with it, and I think we should support the Sully Residents’ Association in this, and tell them that we too are concerned about it.”

Senior Public Health Inspector Mr D. P. Nowell told members: “The Council Rural District Council’s Public Health Inspector does keep these premises under constant observation.

“The difficulty is that this is a very progressive and up-to-date plant making chemicals.

“There are certain safeguards on the machinery of the plant, and rather than have a build-up and an explosion, the safety valves sometimes go.

“Chemicals are released into the air, and if the wind is in this direction we do get this smell.”

Mr Nowell added: “Personally I do think this has got worse in the last two or three months.”

Cllr Glyn Salmon said: “The residents of Sully suffer a lot more than we do, and in fairness to Cardiff RDC they have done all they possibly can on this.

“I think that all this council can do is to give Cardiff RDC or the Sully residents all the support we can if we are asked.

“But a £5 million extension has already gone elsewhere, possibly as a result of the complaints.”

Cllr. Harold Green commented: “I suspect that we get the smell of this Sully works now because before the smell of Penarth Cement Works drowned it out.”

Cllr. Arthur Lloyd said: “I would support these people if they come to us, but I don’t think we should go out of our way.

“These industries provide employment which we can’t do without, and we don’t want to drive them away.”

The Council decided not to take any action unless they are approached directly by the Cardiff RDC or the Sully Residents’ Association.