POSTERS advertising Barry as a seaside resort should not have a bikini-clad girl against a background of sand and sea that could be anywhere, members of Barry’s Finance Committee agreed last week.

Barry’s Parks and Entertainments Committee had asked the committee to approve the spending of £160 on 3,000 posters which would be displayed on buildings all over the country.

The committee approved the spending of the money, but not on the specimen poster shown to them by the Entertainments and Publicity Manager, Mr Phil King.

Coun. Graham Hellstrom, the chairman, said: “It always amazes me that the posters advertising seaside resorts always concentrate on the female form.

“I think it would be better for Barry to have a more refined image.”

Coun. C. T. Price, said: “I am all in favour of advertising the town, but must we have bare bosoms and bottoms? A view of Barry would be better.”

Mr King said that a poster, in full colour, giving a view of the town, could cost thousands of pounds.

He was going up to Harrogate to a conference and he would look at other posters of resorts which would be shown.”

WITH hours to go to the excitement of Bonfire Night, the station officer at Barry Fire Station, Mr Dennis Smith, has issued several tips to both parents and adults with respect to fireworks.

1. Have some organisation in the way fireworks are let off.

2. Keep all fireworks in a sealed container and away from any system of ignition until you are ready to use them.

3. Adults only should light fireworks.

4. Do not hold them in your hands.

5. Read and obey the instructions on the fireworks.

6. Do not put fireworks in your pockets.

7. Do not return to them immediately if they fail to go off.

A senior police spokesman also emphasised to a “News” reporter that the police would take very serious action if anybody was seen letting off a firework either on the road or pavement.

“It is an offence and can also be the cause of a serious road accident,” he said.