FIRST Minister Mark Drakeford today announced plans for a two week fire-break lockdown in Wales, starting on Friday.

Speaking today at a daily briefing about the virus, Mr Drakeford confirmed there would be a short, sharp lockdown in a bid to slow the spread of the virus

The lockdown in Wales will start on Friday, October 23 and last until November 9 where everyone will be asked to remain at home during that period. Under the lockdown:

All non-essential retailers, community centres and leisure centres will close

People are asked to work from home unless they are critical workers or working from home is not possible

Churches and places of worship must close for services other than weddings and funerals

Primary schools will remain open after the October half term and Y7&Y8 pupils will go back to secondary school. All other pupils must learn from home unless exams are being taken

Students at university will have to stay at home in their university accommodation and will continue with blended learning

There will be no gatherings with people you do not live with, either indoors or outdoors. Adults living alone will be able to join one other household

Mr Drakeford told the briefing: "A fire break period is our best chance of gaining control over the virus and avoiding a longer lockdown.

"To be successful we need everfybody's help. Here in Wales this is the moment to come together to play our part in a common endeavour.

"If we do this, our health service will be able to care for people with coronavirus and everybody else.

"Most importantly of all, it will save people's lives. Of course it will not be easy but if we act together we can succeed.

"Thank you all so much for everything you have already done and what you will do in the weeks to come. Together we will keep Wales safe."

The First Minister confirmed there is a new fund for almost £300m economic resilience refund to help businesses.

There will be up to a £5,000 one-off payment for leisure and hospitality businesses that have to close. The £80m fund announced last week will be increased to £100m to help businesses in the long run.

All businesses will be able to get help from the UK government through the expanded job support scheme or existing job retention scheme. The First Minister has written to chancellor to ask for early access to Welsh businesses to the funds.