THE long promised “fair deal” for the people of Barry, which was promised by Sir Billy Butlin when it was decided to install a Butlin’s Holiday Camp at Barry Island, seems to be materialising at last, with the opening at the end of this month, of a club called “The Birdcage Club.”

The club, which opens at the Holiday camp on November 7, will be aimed at Barry people and will be held in the Pig and Whistle Bar.

The facilities available will include dancing, cabaret, a licensed bar and dining.

A Butlin’s spokesman told the “News” this week that as yet no specific entertainment had been lined up, but they were in the process of doing this.

The club will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and will remain open throughout the winter until the holiday camp re-opens for the summer.

A reporter tackled the spokesman about the promise that Barry people would have the use of the indoor swimming pool at the camp and was told that as yet no plans had been made to open the pool, but if the club was a success then it was possible that they would incorporate the pool.

It should be noted that the club will not open for the Christmas period.

H.M.S Eurayius , an anti-submarine frigate of the Leander class, under the command of Captain R.W. Halliday, D.C.S., will pay an informal visit to Barry from November 13 to 16.

The ship has a displacement of 2,300 tons with a complement of 19 officers, 56 chief petty officers and 201 junior ratings.

Mr H.W. Durman, chairman of Barry Vigilantes, has received and acknowledgement from the Welsh Office on his letter complaining about the restricted hours of the casualty unit at Barry Accident Hospital.

He states that inquiries are being made by the Welsh Hospital Board and a further letter will be forwarded as soon as possible.