RESIDENTS of Palmerstown Road refused to carry their plastic bin liners through their houses to their front doors, left them outside at the back lane and despite the fact that the refuse lorry went down the lane, their rubbish was not picked up.

This was stated at the Vigilantes Association on Tuesday when one of the people affected, Mrs Joan Young, said that she and others would be applying for a rate reduction.

Mrs Young also pointed out that she and others would be applying for a rate reduction.

Mrs Young also pointed out that she and others who had refused to put the rubbish outside the front doors, had not been left any new plastic liners.

“We shall just put it out in the back lanes,” she said.

In a discussion on refuse collection, Mr H. W. Durman, chairman of the association, said that he had received many complaints including a deputation from Barry Island.

“I told them to continue to put their refuse out in the back lanes when the collection was due, but was told on Thursday evening that they had let themselves down because 70 per cent of the residents had carried the rubbish to their front gates.

It seems that they don’t want my help,” he said.

Mrs Young said that in her opinion the council had a very overbearing attitude on the matter of refuse collection.

The chairman of the Barry branch of the Municipal and General Workers’ Union.

Mr J. Cavanagh spoke to the association and said that the men were only acting on orders as far as the back-lane collections were concerned.

“I’m trying to iron out the friction between the men and the public,” he said.

He pointed out that the men would not revert to the old system of refuse collection and in many cases the walls of lanes were unsafe, which means that it was not practicable to take the Paxit vehicle down them.

Mr Durman retorted that if the walls were not safe then it was up to the council to put them in good order.

Another member said that the bags were very inferior.

“My young son ran his small tricycle against the edge of one of them and it just burst open

“I know of cases where people have picked up the bag and it just disintegrated because of the weight,” he said.

The association agreed to write to the council asking them to revert where possible and practicable to back-lane collections.”