THE Vale of Glamorgan Council leader has urged residents to take immediate action now to prevent the further spread of coronavirus in the county.

Councillor Neil Moore's plea follows the Welsh Government announcement that cases of the coronavirus in the Vale of Glamorgan will continue to be monitored over the weekend to decide whether further restrictions will be imposed on the county.

This follows the lockdowns announced for Cardiff that will see additional restrictions introduced there from Sunday, September 27.

The covid-19 infection rate has risen sharply in the Vale over the last few weeks, with latest figures indicating 33.7 people in every 100,000 are being diagnosed with the virus each week.


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Public health advice suggests that significant contributors to the rise have been people from different households meeting indoors at each others’ homes or socially.

In addition, the virus has spread across the region as people have travelled to socialise in other areas, taking it with them, or bringing it back on their return.

Cllr Moore said: “The number of covid-19 cases in our local authority area continues to rise and it’s vital we take immediate action now to address that situation.

“We are working closely with public health experts, the University Health Board, Public Health Wales and Welsh Government to avoid a scenario like we saw earlier in the year.

"We have all worked hard to recover from that point six months ago and I greatly appreciate that effort.

"Now I’m calling for further resolve to help ensure those days do not return.

“The restrictions that have now been imposed on all of our neighbouring local authority areas should be a stark reminder of the seriousness of the situation that we are in.

"We will be closely monitoring the situation in the coming days and if necessary, Welsh Government has made it clear that further restrictions could be imposed.

“Everyone should be clear on the guidelines around hand-washing, social-distancing, the wearing of masks, self-isolating and getting tested.

"I know most residents are strictly following these rules at great personal sacrifice.

"Thank you.

"However, there are a small minority of people who are not following these rules.

"I am appealing to them and everyone to follow the rules.

"They will help protect you, your family and friends as well as the elderly and vulnerable, who are most at risk.

“I know that there are close links between communities in the Vale and Cardiff.

"However, unless it is absolutely essential, it is prohibited to move between these areas (and others in lockdown).

"Whilst this does not take effect until 6pm on Sunday for Cardiff, we know that one of the reasons that the virus is spreading in the Vale is because people are travelling outside of our area and bringing it back.

"One of the simplest messages for me to convey is ‘stay local’.”

Under restrictions announced by Welsh Government previously, hospitality businesses and off licences must now stop selling alcohol at 10pm.

That comes on top of existing instructions already in place, which include:

People must work from home wherever possible.

Wearing a mask when indoors in public places.

Always observing social distancing.

Washing hands regularly.

Staying at home if you or anyone in your extended household has symptoms, or you are asked to by a contact tracer

Getting a test if you have symptoms.

The council is urging communities to work together and support one another during the pandemic.

The community response has been exceptional to date, and by continuing to work together, it is hoped these restrictions will not have to be in place for a significant period of time.

Anyone who finds themselves in crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic, can contact the Council’s Crisis Support Team on 01446 729592.

Information about support and assistance that can be accessed from the council and community Groups can be found on

Further information on coronavirus, including when and how to get tested, can be found at