PENCOEDTRE High School in Barry has named its new community ambassadors.

This is the first community ambassador scheme linking the current construction project to the community and residents

Five Barry residents have been chosen as the inaugural Pencoedtre High School community ambassadors for the project.

The ambassadors will play an important role in liaising with the community and neighbourhoods surrounding the school, keeping them up to date on the different stages of the build, the project progress, as well as any issues or concerns arising during the build.


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The community ambassadors will have become a pivotal part of the project, contributing to newsletters, liaising with community groups and having special insight into the project so they can stay fully informed.

The five Pencoedtre High School community ambassadors are Graham Ellis, the former head of engineering at Barry College; school governor William Hennessy; Andrea Griffiths, an Oak Field Primary School governor;Jonathan Venners, who is on the committee of Barry RFC; and Gibbonsdown councillor, Julie Aviet.

Mr Ellis said: “I am really excited for the new building and am interested in seeing how it is being developed and am looking forward to seeing it progress. "It is also great that it will be more than a school, but also a facility for the local area that really needs it.”

Ms Griffiths said she had always been interested in construction projects since her father took her on site when she was younger.

She said: “I have always had a fascination with big construction projects and as this is also going to be a facility for the community it is even more interesting.

“I have always volunteered and wanted to give something back to the community and so this is a great way to do that.”

Social value advisor at Bouygues UK, Alison Howe said: “This initiative is very exciting for us working on the Pencoedtre High School site, as it is the first Bouygues UK project to appoint community ambassadors.

“Clear communication with local residents and organisations is key when we are working on a project such as this, as we are very aware that we are building in a residential area and that what we do can affect many people.

“Alongside the school ambassadors, these community ambassadors will help us keep that vital link between our project team and the local residents.

"It will reassure those around the school that we are listening and that we want to work together to make this project a great success.

"We can’t wait to start working with them.”

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