A FRUSTRATED driver stole a satnav and breathalyser kits from a police car after getting annoyed at officers not listening to him.

Former soldier Kyle Coombes, 27, from Barry, raided the car after making a complaint that his vehicle had been damaged by youths.

Cardiff Magistrates’ Court heard that instead of investigating the former soldier’s complaint officers began to quiz him and asked him to provide a breath test.


Prosecutor Kelly-Marie Johnson said: “He made off from officers and they put out an alert to locate him.

“Another police officer who had been in her car joined the pursuit for the defendant on foot. As she did so she left the car unsecured.

“She was told he had been arrested and a Garmin satnav device and breathalyser tubes had been found on his person. Both were police issue.

“When the officer checked she confirmed the items were missing from her vehicle.”

Coombes admitted failing to provide a specimen of breath and theft.

The court was told Coombes carried out the revenge theft “out of frustration”.

Christian Cormack, mitigating, said: “He approached police after his vehicle was damaged by four youths.

“He was not drunk at the time but officers may have thought something was wrong because of his mental health condition.

“He felt they were questioning him and asked to breathalyse him.

“He asked an officer to turn on their body camera but that request was refused – that led to him running off and taking the satnav.

“Out of frustration he took it – he had nowhere to go and no use for it.

“It was borne out of his frustration at not being taken seriously.”

Mr Cormack said Coombes had served in the armed forces for four years before he left and later suffered mental health problems.

Coombes was ordered to pay £249 in a fine, costs and surcharge.

He was also banned from driving for 12 months.