A NOTORIOUS drug dealer has been ordered to pay back more than £500,000 – even if it takes him the rest of his life.

Yousef Woolcock, 37, from Barry, faces handing over any cash after he has served a 17-year jail sentence for peddling drugs.

A judge ordered the whole of life payback plan – and he will have to hand over even if he wins the lottery.


Judge Richard Twomlow ordered Woolcock to pay back the money at a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing at Cardiff Crown Court where it was agreed that he had profited from his crimes by £600,000.

Bundles of cash and a black Audi worth just over £16,000 have already been confiscated.

Woolcock must pay the full amount upon his release from prison – he will be saddled with the debt until it is paid back in full, which could last a lifetime.

It means that should he ever acquire money or any valuable assets in his life, by way of inheritance, a gift, or even a lottery win, the police will have the power to seize it under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Outside the court, South Wales Police Sergeant Tim Jones said: “The Proceeds of Crime Act is powerful legislation which hits criminals in the pocket and ensures that crime does not pay for people like Yousef Woolcock.

"Long gone are the days when criminals will serve their time behind bars only to return to benefit from a lifestyle of luxury funded by their criminal past.”

Woolcock was caught as part of Operation Blue Pearl and was arrested back in August 2019.

Woolcock shipped class A drugs from his hometown.

Operation Blue Pearl was launched after police received information that drugs were being transported from Barry to the South Wales valleys.

Woolcock was arrested in CCTV showed him topping up a known drugs phone.

During the whole operation which lasted for 12 months, £64,000 worth of class A drugs, over £12,000 in cash, and weapons including knives, Tasers, and hammers were seized by officers.