A PETITION from local traders will be read at a special meeting of Barry Town Council tomorrow (Friday) evening when Coun John Alfred will bring forward a motion to rescind the recent resolution then passed by the council on a majority of 12-8 in favour of a bid by Alken Developments Ltd. to lease the 16-acre Ty Verlons Industrial Site at Cardiff Road.

The company have offered to pay a lease of £425 per acre, as the site is developed.

The first stage of the development is expected to be a huge supermarket for Co-operative Retail Services which will employ about 100 people and covers with car park about four acres.

The petition from the traders complains that “the council is not protecting the interests of the existing traders of Barry, particularly in view of the fact that it is understood that the establishment of two other supermarkets in this area is likely to materialise in the near future.”

The petition goes on.

“It is our considered opinion, especially in view of the close proximity of Barry, particularly in view of the close proximity of Barry to the capital city of Cardiff into which there is a constant drain of Barry consumers spending power, that the needs of a town the size of Barry, are already sufficiently catered for through the already existing legitimate retail outlets; indeed, if anything we are already over-shopped.

“We wish to state that that we intend to resist this proposal to the fullest extent of our ability by every possible means, enlisting the assistance of all parties interested, who join us in our opinion.”

In a separate letter of protest, Mr David Lloyd of David Lloyd and Co., Holton Road, says that he heard of the “council’s approval of a gigantic supermarket on the Ty Verlons estate with utter disbelief.”

“What are our council trying to do – annihilate the small independent shopkeeper?” he asks. “This scheme has been approved without any consultation with the legitimate traders of Barry, many of whom, such as ourselves, have been contributing to the town’s rates for up to 82 years.

“The council has, through the Ravenseft Development, already artificially moved the shopping centre higher up Holton Road; now it would seem that they are prepared to see it move almost out of Barry altogether.

“I call on our council to change their minds over the Ty Verlons supermarket development and to get their priorities in the correct order.”