A BARRY man who suffered life-changing brain injuries is raising funds for a charity that has supported him throughout his rehabilitation in Cardiff’s Rookwood Hospital.

Jamie Colburn suffered an acquired brain injury after he was attacked and left for dead in May 2020, but the 38-year-old's Faith has inspired him to do good and he believes his life has changed for the better.

The 38-year-old, who has suffered with addiction, needed two surgeries to repair the damage, but is now stepping up – on a treadmill - to support the hospital's Prop appeal which helps those patients with acquired brain injuries.

Mr Colburn has so far raised £375 as he strives to complete 17 miles on a treadmill in three weeks – ahead of his hospital discharge.

His mum, Lynne Colburn, 62, of Barry, said: “My eldest son Jamie has suffered with addiction over the last few years.

“He found his faith in a Christian rehabilitation centre called Remar, in Ireland, which inspired him to do good things, including helping the homeless which he loved.

“Jamie suffered an acquired brain injury after he was attacked and left for dead in May 2020.

“This resulted in Hemiplegia which affected his right-hand side.

“He also suffered broken ribs and a shattered eye socket.

“We as a family were told he was lucky to be alive and to expect the worst but hope for the best.”

Ms Colburn said Jamie's Christian brothers from Remar had helped the family to have hope that he would come through this.

“They said he was meant to do good,” she said. “Jamie had two surgeries within 10 days to repair the fractures in his skull and his shattered eye socket.

“From this day Jamie has never looked back.

“He realised that God had saved him for a reason.

“Jamie had gone from strength to strength and he has fought to regain the use of his right side.

“During his treatment at UHW and at Rookwood Jamie was amazed by the dedication of every member of the hospital team.

“From cleaners to surgeons he says: "They are angels from God sent to help others and would forever be in their debt."

“Jamie doesn't remember much of the first week or so, but the nurses kept us updated on his progress.

“It was so difficult for us his family to not be able to visit him because of covid.

“After Jamie's second operation to put titanium plates in his skull, repair a leak of the cerebrospinal fluid, and to repair his shattered eye socket Jamie's progress has amazed everyone.

“Every day he is getting stronger and regains more use of his right side.

“He has never once complained about what happened to him.

“He believes that it has changed his life forever for the better.

“He forgiven the people that did this to him and insists that we do to.”

Mr Colburn has encouraged other patients at Rookwood Hospital through their own journeys and he is now on the Prop committee.

The Rookwood Physiotherapy team said: "When we first met Jamie he had no movement in his right arm and very little movement in his right leg.

“He had been so determined with his rehab and has exceeded everyone's expectations, now walking around unaided.

“He will be missed when he leaves Rookwood, but we know he will go onto do great things."

Ahead of his discharge and move into suitable accommodation, he decided to complete the Step Into Summer, Virtual Three Peaks challenge and complete 17 miles on a treadmill.

Ms Colburn added: “Jamie's brother has made a promise that he will walk every step of the way beside him and to make it fairer he would wear heels.

“This escalated into wearing fairy costumes.

“Jamie, his brother Andrew, and my fiancé Jim have decided to name themselves ‘The Fundraising Fairies’.

“Jamie's last mile is to be witnessed by all staff and patients at Rookwood.

“We took Jamie's outfit in so that he could wear it on his final mile.

“Jamie was not expecting to do this at this time, but his brother reminded him that they would dress up to make it fun when they were fundraising.

“Jamie had given his word so accepted but to make it fair insisted they wear their outfits and run along Barry Island beach before he walked his final mile.

“When Jamie leaves Rookwood he plans his next fundraiser to walk up Pen Y Fan - many of the hospital team have already signed up to join him.

“My whole family are so proud of Jamie.

“We have him back thanks to God.”

The ‘Fairies’ will walk at Barry Island at 2pm on Sunday, September 6 with Mr Colburn’s final mile at Rookwood on Wednesday, September 9.

To support Mr Colburn’s fundraising, visit https://healthcharity.wales/appeal/prop-appeal/