THE mystery of ‘fake’ cones in a Barry Island cul-de-sac has been solved after a resident complained that they were illegal and a £30 penalty could not be enforced.

Andrew Thomas, of Redbrink Crescent, voiced his concerns as to where they had come from and who put them in Adar y Môr - after homeowners in the Island’s residential streets experienced visitor parking woe in August.

But Barry Town and Vale of Glamorgan Baruc ward councillor Steffan Wiliam said he had asked the Vale council to supply them - a decade ago.

The intention was that residents use them to prevent visitors parking when the resort is busy.

The Vale council said these cones will be replaced and more formal measures introduced.


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Mr Thomas, 46, said: “Cones seem to be placed out on random, but usually expected busy days and weekends, when not in use they seem to move back into private gardens or drives.

“I have noticed them for some time, many months, they do not appear to have anything written on them but appear to be police or temporary parking restriction cones.

“They seem, well to me, be put out by residents of the street Adar y Môr to prevent parking on their street.

“I have received no response from South Wales Police or the Vale of Glamorgan Council (VOG) despite raising through social media and the VOG website.

“The question was acknowledged by VOG, so they have seen it, but no other response.

“Parking has always been an issue on the Island,” he said. “I am not complaining so much about the popularity of the Island, it's great people want to come here.

“My concern is this appears to be unilateral residential parking policy and enforcement for/by one street.

“This just pushes non restricted/non-timed or paid parking further up the Island and then towards Jackson’s Bay.

“It's getting harder for residents to park, the summer is bad.

“But if this practice is allowed, shall we all go out and buy our own cones and make our own warning signs and hang them from lamp posts?”

Mr Thomas said he believed yellow cones in the Barry Waterfront area were put out, and taken in, by the council.

He added. “There are no £30 fine warning signs hanging there, and they are presenting a blockage; not being deployed in a cul-de-sac.”

Ward councillor, Steffan Wiliam said he was responsible for enabling the cones to be placed at Barry Island and other areas of the ward.

He said: “The cones in Adar y Môr were given to residents in 2009/2010 at my request.

"They display them during the summer months which is when the council also attach the small metal signs to the lamp posts there.”

He added: “The Island car park is now locked at night at the request of local councillors who were alerted by residents for Park Avenue, The Parade, and also Clos Onnen on the Waterfront, to the problem of boy racers using it at night.

“They would often come tearing noisily down the causeway, making life unbearable for residents, particularly those of the Waterfront.

“Cones were placed on the road leading up to the car park to prevent people clogging up the road on the way to the Harbour Road car park, thereby forcing them into using the car park provided.”

A Vale council spokesman said: “The cones were distributed by the council some years ago when a sign was also erected to deter problem parking.

“They have no legal standing and are used only to discourage visitors from leaving their cars on residential streets.

“The council intends to replace these measures with formal residential parking controls in the near future.

“More details on these and the areas affected will be released in September.”