COUNCILLORS for Barry Island and the Waterfront have joined residents in saying it’s time to re-open the Clive Road steps that connect the two areas.

The Steps were closed four years ago, in August 2016, to allow development work to take place on the Waterfront’s South Haven, but Baruc ward councillors believe the important link should now be re-opened.

Resident, Alison Hobbs said: “I’ve asked the Vale of Glamorgan Council on more than one occasion about the steps from Clive Road.

“The steps have been complete but the path in front of the business bit overlooking the basin needs to be sorted.

“First they said it’s safety; now they say it’s due to covid.

“My argument is that this was one of the first areas to be completed building wise, but the path still hasn’t been sorted.”


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Barry Town Council councillor, Shirley Hodges said: “With the Waterfront’s South Haven work now largely completed and people living in the houses, there seems no reason not to re-open the Clive Road steps.

“The Steps make it easier for people on the Island to access Barry town centre and the Waterfront by foot.

“The Vale council want people to walk where possible, rather than go by car, so it makes sense to open up this access.”

Fellow Vale and Barry Town Council Baruc ward councillor, Steffan Wiliam added: “We’ve had to work for the Clive Road steps to be re-opened once before, more than a decade ago now.

“Island residents should be able to access the new facilities on the Waterfront without having to go all the way down to the junction with Ffordd y Mileniwm and around.

“It should be fairly straightforward for the path to be cleared and the steps reopened.”

A Vale council spokesman said: “These steps were closed during the development of the Waterfront area and though this work is largely complete, certain safety alterations still need to be made to the steps. “Unfortunately, this work has been delayed during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are working closely with the Waterfront Consortium to ensure the alterations ae carried out as soon as possible and the steps can reopen at the earliest opportunity.”